Healthcare-How the administrative side affects the bedside.

Healthcare-Private vs. Government

Healthcare-Single Payer vs. Corporate Driven.

Healthcare-Closing the VA to improve outcomes.

Healthcare-RVU Metric System.

Healthcare-DRG system and its implications.

Education-Using the arts to improve test scores.

Education-Implementing the arts to justify Common Core.

Education-How arts education in schools create productive members in society.

Education-The arts and role of government.

Education-Arts in Charter Schools vs. Arts in Traditional Schools

Education-Arts in Private Schools

Education-Differentiated & Integrated Learning

Education-Pedagogical vs. Andralogical Learning

Campaign Financing-Dark Money

Future of the Democratic Party

Black Republicans

National Security-A worldview to bring world peace



Political Field Manager: Kasim Reed for Mayor

Political Field Operative &Fundraiser: Barack Obama Presidential Campaign

Political Field Operative & Fundraiser: Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

Political Field Operative & Fundraiser: Lobby & SIG



Atlanta Press Club

Georgia State Society of Washington, D.C.