Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Cherise has been hailed as the lady who wears many hats. From performing artist to political consultant and from fundraiser to subject matter expert, this young lady has enjoyed an outstanding career in the world of service.
Telling stories has been the hallmark of Cherise’s life and for over 17 years, she has told many stories through the medium of Theatre. Touring both nationally and internationally, audiences have enjoyed her zest and thought provoking portrayal of characters ranging from historic figures to intense subject matters involving race, drug abuse, mental illness, poverty, politics and more. She has originated many roles in both plays and musicals and she has conducted a number of education workshops across the country. Film, television and voiceovers also grace her repertoire.

As the daughter of a human rights advocate and the 8th generational niece of the first black millionaire in Atlanta, GA, Cherise soars in her career in politics and public service. She has worked for the state party of Georgia and has competitively fund-raised for local and national campaigns including President Barack Obama’s first presidential election campaign. She has also participated in various GOP and conservative initiatives. Her innate talent and skills for brand messaging and relationship building has made her a sought after speaker and trainer across the country. She has conducted a number of focus groups and has led a host of Professional Development for Educators. She holds a nationally accredited degree in Theatre from Valdosta State University and a Master’s Degree from Troy State University. Cherise says: “There is no such thing as failure, unless you quit”!



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